A Guide to the Timetable for Mario Maker 3 and Why You Need to Keep Checking

Mario Maker 3 is a program created by the Super Mario Maker company as a sequel to their very popular ‘Super Mario Maker‘. It’s aim as been told from the creators is to allow players to make their own Metroidvania styled games, but due to the nature of the programming behind it there may be some other surprises in store!

How Will it Work?

Depending on how much time you have to play I suspect it’ll work in a variety of ways. If you only have half an hour to play here and there I’m assuming you can just load up Mario Maker 3 and select a few options. If you have more time to play (2 or 3 hours) I’m assuming it’ll work like the original Super Mario Maker where you can jump in and out of creation mode and playing other user’s levels whenever you want.

However, if we’re talking about the full day experience with every minute of your time including sleeping periods then I expect it to work like Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee. You’ll have a timer that ticks down when you’re in ‘creation mode’ and if you don’t reset it within 24 hours the game will delete all of your progress. This may seem extreme but Nintendo is clearly looking for a way to make sure people don’t leave the game running overnight and use a hacked version to get themselves huge amounts of coins/stars without even playing!

When Will Mario Maker 3 Come Out?

A lot of people are wondering when Mario Maker 3 will be coming out, so I’ve done some research to try and figure it out!

The last official release date was the 27 th March 2019 which is almost a year ago. If we were looking at other games in the Super Mario Maker series then that would have been the full time for Mario Maker 3 to be released as those games came out 1 year and 4 months after the last official release date.

However, this Mario Maker series has been very different! There has now been a new release every 1 year and 5 or 6 months since the original was launched which would indicate that we should be looking for a release sometime late 2019 early 2020.

Mario Maker on a New Nintendo Console – What We Know About Mario Maker on Switch so Far

A lot of people are thinking that this ‘Super Mario Maker 3’ will be the same as the Wii U version but at a higher definition, but it’s actually going to be very different.

Nintendo has already done a huge amount of work on their latest console and I think they’re going to want to take full advantage of everything it can offer. By the time 2020 comes around Nintendo will have had a very long time to test Mario Maker 3 on their latest console so I would expect it to be much more advanced than it’s Wii U predecessor!

Unique Features of the Game & How It Impacted Other Games That Came After It

From what we know so far about Super Mario Maker 3 I think it’s going to have more of an emphasis on exploration and will have a lot of unique features that don’t exist in any other games, the question is… How will they impact the games that came after it?

One of the most obvious examples was how Super Mario Run used many of the level design styles that were popularized by Mario Maker. The levels had a lot more verticality to them and were much more focused on exploration rather than speedrunning, they also made use of items like cannons, POW blocks and even mushrooms that changed your size!

The recent Luigi’s Mansion remake ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’ is also going to borrow heavily from Super Mario Maker 3. The new ‘ghost manager’ feature allows you to grab a ghost, carry it around then throw it into a painting to trap it!

There’s also going to be a new version of the Boo House level where you have to pick up the Boos and throw them into a light beam to make them solid.


I hope you found this article interesting and enjoyable. There are still a lot of things that I don’t know about Super Mario Maker 3, but they’ll most likely be announced closer to release!

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